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HSF is committed to serving our people. We do our best work through our own charitable and foundational organizations.We work all year round to make sure everyone has an opportunity. We make sure our Clients share the same Vision. 



Founded by Jason Slack and Celeste Howard. The foundation is aimed at helping kids with education, recreation, safety, and awareness. Our goal is to put kids into better situations to achieve their goals, while increasing child safety by teaching self- awareness. We want all kids to have a vision. Some of our contributions include helping kids get settled into college, donating school supplies, and sponsorship. What makes the Vision 4 kids foundation stand out, is that we concentrate and focus on what the kids don’t have, as well as adding to what they already do. People remember us because of this approach. Since our doors have opened, our popularity and recognition has risen and so has the opportunity to expand. We have been in talks about opening a community center and there are a number of people and organizations looking to partner up with us. Celeste Howard states that opening a center will be key in taking kids future to the next level. Join Vision 4 kids, come see Our vision.

A foundation aimed at maintaining and improving neighborhood and property value where help is needed. We want to make sure that every neighborhood is getting treated with the same care and also have the same resources to maintain safety.

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